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Our weekly dances at the Woman's Club of Bellflower usually include scheduled teaching and programmed or request dancing.  Special events, listed near the bottom of this page, can include parties, guest teachers, and other special activities. 

For more information, contact Julith at (562) 881-9504.

Unless otherwise noted, the recommended donation is $4 per person at the door.  A slightly larger donation might be requested for special events or guest teachers.

Dancing starts at 7:30 PM.  Teaching usually starts around 8:30 PM and is finished by 9 PM, at which time announcements are made.  Request dancing completes the evening, ending around 10:30 PM.

Note:  All teaching is subject to change. 



Jan. 3, 2019 During January, we welcome the New Year with a déjà-vu theme featuring favorite dances from last year by country.  Request your favorite dance.  Ask for a review of a dance you would like to perfect.

We start with dances of Bulgaria.

Jan. 10 Dances of Romania
Jan. 17

Dances of Greece

Jan. 24 Dances of Russia
Jan. 31 T-Shirt Night - Wear your Narodni T-Shirt for $1 off admission.
Feb. 7, 2019 Review of dances taught by Marcella Lawson in December.
Feb. 14 Narodni Valentine's Day Party

Live music provided by InterFolk.

See Special Events for more information.

Feb. 21 TBA
Feb. 28 TBA


Additional 2019 event details will be listed as information becomes available.


View a poem for Lyn Shulte by Camille Dull. (PDF)

Special Events



Feb. 14, 2019 Narodni Valentine's Day Party

Live music provided by InterFolk.

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Narodni!

Everyone is invited.

Bring finger foods or a drink to share.

For more information, contact Julith at (562) 881-9504.


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Halloween Party 2018


Homecoming Party 2018


Halloween Party 2017


Narodni's 40th Anniversary Party 2016


Halloween Party 2015


Narodni's Anniversary Party 2007